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iPhone to change Smartphone market?

Mark Peters
IFA Report
Saturday 4th, August 2007
Posted by: Mark Peters

Estimates of Apple iPhone shipment volumes in the first weekend they were available have ranged from 140 thousand units to 500 thousand iPhone units depending upon who was asked. Meanwhile, ABI Research forecasts that the smartphone market segment will grow from 218 million units in 2007 to 426 million units in 2012. Now that we have a little distance from the launch, it’s time to ask: “Will the Apple iPhone change the smartphone market?” According to Stuart Carlaw, wireless research director at ABI Research, the answer is a qualified - Yes. “The Apple iPhone will not revolutionize the smartphone market,” he says, “but it is a significant evolutionary step forward.

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Apple iPhone

IFA 2007 trade show

Posted by: Ilse Jurrien Friday 13th, July 2007

Five months ahead of the second annual IFA the world’s leading CE trade show is more popular than ever. IFA’s hosts, the industry association gfu and Messe Berlin, are convinced that the 2007 show will even exceed its high level of international exhibitor participation. Dr. Christian Göke, Chief Operating Officer, points out: “Preparations for IFA 2007 have been so successful that we are looking forward to one of the strongest IFAs ever .” Due to the early bookings and the presence of all leading CE companies, the show again underlines IFA´s significance for the entire CE industry. Popstar P!NK will rock the Summer Garden on 30 August 2007 to open the world’s largest CE tradeshow.

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IFA Summer Garden

Posted by: Ilse Jurrien Friday 13th, July 2007

IFA will open with a stunning line-up of stars from the international music scene. The band JULI will be the support act for the 27 year-old P!NK from the USA at her appearance in the Summer Garden at the foot of Berlin’s radio tower, the Funkturm. The organisers of the IFA have been able to sign up one of the most successful German acts, JULI alias Eva Briegel, Andreas Herde, Jonas Pfetzing, Simon Triebel and Marcel Römer, for their programme. Together with P!NK, JULI will be rocking the Summer Garden and providing an unforgettable show. JULI created a sensation with their debut album “Es ist Juli”, which remained in the charts for 74 weeks and went triple platinum, with sales exceeding 700,000.

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The corporate world is a world of tough competition. A world that has changed compared to the years before. The loyalty of today’s consumer is not the same as it used to be. New companies arise and the new generation of consumers adept features in their daily lives that really influences their daily (social) life, but even the relations between consumers and manufacturers. On the other hand today’s economics struggle big time, and even for the biggest corporation it is hard to predict and prepare future business. New, modern structured companies rise where old established companies ‘suddenly’ seem to fall. Corporate news becomes more and more an effective way of communicating with the open world of consumers. The IFA 2010 show in Berlin will give corporate a chance to get face to face with their public. Be sure to follow us at this special IFA show report!